Giulio Superti-Furga

Scientific Director CeMM
Professor for Medical Systems Biology

Studies in molecular biology at the University of Zurich, Genentech Inc. and IMP Vienna (Meinrad Busslinger). Post-doctoral fellow and Team Leader at EMBL Heidelberg (Giulio Draetta/Sara Courtneidge). Co-founder of the biotech companies Cellzome (scientific director) and Haplogen/Haplogen Genomics (SAB). Member of: Austrian Academy of Sciences, German Academy of Sciences, EMBO, European Academy of Cancer Sciences, Academia Europaea. Chair of the EMBL Alumni Association. 2009, Advanced Investigator ERC Grant recipient and Knight Officer Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy. 2011, Prize of the City of Vienna for Natural Sciences and “Austria´s Scientist of the Year”. Since 2005, Scientific Director of CeMM, located in the middle of the large general hospital campus in Vienna, where, together with some 140 scientists and medical doctors, he is pioneering the scientific and technical basis for precision medicine. Among his major achievements to date are the discovery of fundamental organization principles of the proteome of higher organisms, the elucidation of new pathways in cancer and innate immunity as well as the establishment of a world-unique experimental framework to decipher the molecular mechanism of action of drugs. His works on molecular networks of the entire yeast or of disease-relevant human pathways are among the most highly cited in the field.