Research Interests

Our laboratory investigates large networks of proteins, genes and metabolites, while also focusing on the mechanistic understanding of individual proteins, protein complexes and drug function. How does a drug really work, what are its cellular binding partners or targets, what molecular effects does it cause? How does a virus perturb a cell without the cell noticing? And which are the cell’s weapons to thwart such an attack? Can one detect a perturbed and thus vulnerable “state” of cancer cells, particularly leukemia, by looking at the composition and regulation of the molecular machinery?

The research focus in the Superti-Furga laboratory is on challenging existing paradigms of drug, virus or oncogene action to obtain novel, more comprehensive views that take biological complexity into consideration in view of links to many genes and gene products, investigating metabolism and drug synergies. Efforts are focused on blood cancers, metabolism, infection and inflammation. The approach is truly interdisciplinary and involves functional genomics and proteomics, structural analysis, chemical biology, high-content imaging, bioinformatics and physiology, reflecting the blend of expertise of the laboratory members.